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Coin catalog Nijmegen (Netherlands)


A warm welcome on the website about all coins that have been produced in the city of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Not only the coins that were made in the city mint but also those made by other rulers (in this city) are shown here. During a long period there were two minthouses producing coins simultaneously: the minthouse of the duchy of Guelders (Gelderland) as wel as the urban minthouse of the city of Nijmegen.

munt catalogus Nijmegen

On this website I show only an inventarisation per type.

Much more information (backgroundstories, all known die-varieties and auctionresults of last 10 year) can be found in the 241 pages Coin Catalog Nijmegen.

This catalog is in Dutch language.

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Look here how coins were made in ancient times.

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