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Coin catalog Nijmegen (Netherlands)


Two sorts of Celtic coins are found in and around Nijmegen.

1. Bronze rainbow saucers. The context in wich they are found in Nijmegen could be an indication that these are used in the Roman currency circuit. Finding places concentrate around Echteld, which could indicate that these coins were produced there.

voorbeeld van een keltische regenboogschotel

2.Celtic coins with the text AVAVCIA and GERMANVS INDVTILLI V (presumably the name of a Roman ruler) certainly were part of the Roman currency circuit during the reign of Emperor Augustus. AVAVCIA coins could be produced from ca. 20 before Christ around the city of Cologne. The  GERMANVS INDVTILLI coins were made is several minthouses in Gallia Belgica and Trier and surroundings. This last type is a copy of a Roman quadrans from circa 10 before Christ and proves that these small Celtic coins were used as small money.

Conclusion: there is no proof that Celtic coins were produced in Nijmegen.

The AVAUCIA coin showed herunder was found in the citycenter of Nijmegen. Maybe it was produced near the Valkhof.