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Coin catalog Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Kings and emperors 1141 - 1247

This very early period is very interesting, mainly because there are no written sources, on which a determination can be based. As a result, all descriptions are constantly under discussion. In most cases it is unable to read the text. The dies are made by hand and therefore they coins differ a lot.

All information hereunder is based on my opinion (that can change). In the middleages, the German Emperors reigned over the city of Nijmegen. In the 12th and 13th century, coins were minted in Nijmegen on name of these emperors. These were very small silver coins, known as penny, Denier, Penning or pfennig.

Frederik I van Barbarossa (1152 - 1190)

Van Gelder type A

Frederik I Barbarossa (1152-1190)
Front: an emperor with scepter and palm. The palatinate of the emperors was in Nijmegen on the Valkhof.



denier penning fredrik van barbarossa nijmegen

Abby of Rees, undated penny (NOT Nijmegen)

Reinald von Dassel (1159-67).

Front: a bishop with crook and bible. Presumably the dies were made by the same person as the coins above and hereunder. But there has never been a bishop in Nijmegen.

Rees is on 52 km distance to Nijmegen.

reinald von dassel pfennig rees

Anonymous, 12th century.
Presumably the same die-maker as above. 2 pieces found in Wageningen and 3 in Arnhem (16 km from Nijmegen).
Based on the weight, van Gelder mentions Nijmegen as place of origin.

denier penning gelderland nijmegen

Frederik II (1212 - 1250)

van Gelder type B


Front: King on throne with scepter and sword
REXF .....

Back: Castlewall with 3 towers


penning frederik II gelderland nijmegen

van Gelder type C2

Penny circa 1235

As C1, but the text: CESAR (or GERARV ??)

Front: emperor with scepter.
Back: church

in Aken, Frederik minted as FREDERICUS CESAR. For that reason i presume this is also Frederik. Minted after he came back from Italy 1235-1248


penning type C2 van Gelder Nijmegen

van Gelder type D1


Front: crowned emperor en face with lily scepter and orb , CESAR

Back: cross with letters AVE+ in quarters and legend NVMAGEN (CIV)


Also half-pennies (obol) were made. An obool weights 0,25 grams.

penning frederik II AVE Nijmegen

Penny looks like D1 (NOT from Nijmegen)

Dirk VI van Kleef, possibly minted in Kalkar.

Front: T(H)EODERIC ??

Back: AVE+ in corners and legend NVMAGEN ?? .

Also many contemporary forgeries from Friesland exist.

Dirk VI van Kleef penning


Hendrik VII (1220 - 1235) (Heinrich VII). Son of Frederik II was regent 1220-1235 when his father was in Italy.

van Gelder type C1


Front: standing king with lance and cross scepter. Legend almost unreadable: HEN ...

Back: church NVMAGEN.

ca. 1225. shown here the half penny or obol ?

obool hendrik VII Nijmegen


Willem count of Holland (1247-1256) As German emperor.

van Gelder type D2


Same as D1, but front legend reads WIL ..REX (wilhem rex??)
Back: NVMAGEN....

First picture is the half penny or Obol. Second is the penny.

willem graaf van holland penning nijmegen

penning willem graaf van holland Nijmegen